My Latest Review on Fantasy-Faction

I have another review up on Fantasy-Faction. This month, I reviewed Six-Gun Snow White by Catherynne M. Valente.

This novella is absolutely stunning, and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s not a retelling of Snow White, but a transformation of the tale to fit America, and the Wild West in particular. And Valente’s writing is incredible–she’ll make you laugh, cry, and re-read dozens of her poetic lines. And if you have a friend who only reads literary fiction, pass this along to them–the magic is minimal, it’s character-driven, and the writing is excellent.

So head over to Fantasy-Faction and give it my review a read. Then go order the novella. It’s 160 pages of awesome.

Oh, and when you’re done with that, check out Valente on Twitter. During this campaign season, her political tweets have been on point. If you like the stuff I’ve been posting and re-tweeting, odds are that she pointed me to the good stuff.

A City Dreaming by Daniel Polansky

If you are looking for an urban fantasy unlike the rest of the market, A City Dreaming is the book for you. And if you want to fall in love with New York City, despite all the hipsters, then this is the book is for you. If you like old wizards, magical and political rivalries, a good cup of coffee in the morning and a good dive bar at night, then you need to pick this one up.

My tl;dr review is that this is “something new, something fun, something different, something that will have you riding the subway well past your stop.” But you can read my full review on Fantasy-Faction right now. A City Dreaming comes out tomorrow in the U.S. and on Thursday in the U.K.

Another Review on Fantasy-Faction

This month, I reviewed Ghost Talkers by Mary Robinette Kowal for Fantasy-Faction. It’s an alternate history mystery/spy story set in World War I France, and it’s a very good read. Head on over to Fantasy-Faction to check out the full review. No spoilers here.

And yes, I know I said that I would have some changes to the site, but so far it seems like same-old, same-old. Bear with me. Not only are more thematic changes coming (hint, hint), but also posts that aren’t reviews. So watch this space! But for now, head over to Fantasy-Faction for my review.

Recommending Comics on Fantasy-Faction

I have a new post on It’s about comics fans of fantasy would enjoy. I set up a mini-recommendation engine that should help point you to something to read, regardless of what kind of fantasy you like/don’t like. I also limited myself to recent publications that do not feature superheroes. Just for giggles.

There are a ton of great comics out there telling some of the best speculative fiction stories around, so I thought I would recommend a few. Of course, if you know of any others I’m missing, leave a comment and let me know. I hope you enjoy the post!

My latest review on Fantasy-Faction

Over at Fantasy-Faction, my latest review has been posted. Children of Earth and Sky is the first book by Guy Gavriel Kay that I’ve read, despite hearing tons of hype surrounding him. It got off to a slow start, but I really enjoyed the ending. Despite that rocky start, this is a book that stuck with me for a while. Definitely enough for me to return to Kay. Head over to Fantasy-Faction for more details.