Fantastic Four(th Anniversary)

4 candle

Four years ago today, Laura and I were married. That’s right, our anniversary is the anniversary of D Day. In fact, we had our guests sign the matting around a photo of a D Day inscription at the World War Two memorial in DC.

D Day Quote

We thought it was amusing if you read the quote within the context of marriage. The idea was that the photo would be a placeholder. Four years later, it’s still in the frame. Either we’re lazy, or we like the significance of the quote. Maybe a bit of both.

But since that day, the four years have flown by, which, to my mind, means we are still having fun. I am still very much in love with my beautiful wife, whose forgiveness of my foibles, her tolerance of my nerdiness, and her adorable smile remind me every day just how lucky I am. She has attempted to teach me tennis, has introduced me to Cape Cod summers, and has brought me to several wonderful museum exhibits. If it weren’t for her, I’d be living in my own filth and eating bachelor chow. Like I said, I’m very lucky. Here’s to another 104 years together, Laura.

Wedding photo

(Photo courtesy of SoftBox Media Photography. If you need a photographer, give Lisa & Ian a call. They were great!)

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