A New Exercise

So in between plague pounds and election stress, I’ve had an increased need to workout lately. But because everyone else in the world feels the same way, equipment is hard to come by. So I’ve had to get creative. Here’s a modified burpee.

  1. Acquire a toddler, approx. 35 to 40 pounds. I recommend borrowing one from a friend or renting if you don’t have one already. Owning one is a hefty investment.
  2. Assume the piggyback position. That’s with the toddler on your back, not the other way around.
  3. Squat.
  4. Kickback to plank position.
  5. Perform a weighted push up.
  6. Tuck legs in and jump back up Remember to support your toddler. Neighing is optional.
  7. Repeat.

I was going to call it the rucked-up burpee, but I realized I was about a dozen letters off on that title. Your toddler will love it. Your body will not. But I guess that’s how you’ll know it’s working.

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