Great Database of Publications for Fiction and Poetry Writers

I normally only post once a day Monday-Friday, but this was too good a find to sit on. Check out Duotrope. Disclaimers: I’m not getting anything from them; this is not a plug or a paid advertisement; I only found out about it today; I like to share cool things.

Duotrope lets you enter your genre, subgenre, style, and length, so there is a lot of room for customization. With over 3,500 publications, I’d be surprised if you didn’t find at least one place to submit your latest piece.

Unless you’re a nonfiction freelance writer, that is. Don’t throw your Writer’s Digest out the window yet (Seriously, don’t. That book is heavy.).

But this website will definitely replace my simple spreadsheet. Also, it should be noted that I came across Duotrope because of a great blog, Galleycat, who you can and should also follow on Twitter at @GalleyCat.

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