Happy Labor Day Weekend, Everyone.

Not much of a second post today. I need to head out soon to meet up with my in-laws. But before I do, I wanted to wish everyone a happy Labor Day weekend.

This weekend, my wife and I will spend time with family (much of it convincing my mother-in-law that our dog is, in fact, adorable) eating, watching baseball and football, and relaxing. I hope you enjoy the time off as well.

Just make time to write. Keep your skills sharp and keep putting words down on paper. After all, NaNoWriMo is right around the corner, and Clairon will start accepting applications shortly after that.

Don’t let my touristy itinerary fool you. I’ll be busy completing a rough draft of a new story this weekend too. It will be quite a bit longer than “A Birthday Surprise” but not altogether different in style or tone. It’s inspired by true events, and it’s about a woman who wants something very badly and what happens when she finally gets a glimpse of it. Yes, that’s vague, but it’s just a teaser. I plan on submitting it soon, and thanks to Duotrope, I’ve got a great list of publications to work with. If I get lucky, I’ll let everyone know where they can read it. If no one decides to publish it, I’ll put it up here.

So stay tuned. Have a great weekend, everybody.

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