A Friday Bleg

Alright, readers, I’m only a few posts into this site. It’s probably a bit too early to start analyzing trends, but with so much data readily available, I can’t help it. To paraphrase one of my favorite scenes from “The Simpsons,” daily page views and visitors are increasing (that’s good!), but at a declining rate (that’s bad!). So to avoid a plateau, I started thinking about what sort of other content I could include on this site (there will be no frogurt, cursed or otherwise).

To that end, I’d like to encourage readers to leave comments. It just takes a second, and it would really help me figure out what people like and why. Same goes if you don’t like something. Let me know and tell me why. I’ll only delete a comment if it’s spam or displaying bad behavior (just keep the the Wheaton Rule in mind (“Don’t be a dick”), and we’ll all get along just fine). Feel free to comment on this post to let me know what sort of content you’d like to see here.

Now, for the new content ideas I’d like to propose. First, I’ll start posting book and movie reviews. I’ve been posting very short book reviews on Goodreads, but I’ll start posting them here as well. In college, I used to write movie reviews for the school paper. Thankfully, they are difficult to find online, so I’m not easily reminded of how embarrassing they were. Instead, I can get back into it with better written reviews here.

Second, more stories. Since I’m working on longer pieces, the ones I’ll post here will tend to be shorter–around 1,000 words or so–something you can read while you have a coffee break. If people are up for it, I will create a post where people can post random objects, and I will use those as inspiration for the story. If I don’t see any prompts, well, you’ll just get a random story.

That’s it for the bleg. Please, please, please let me know what you think. Have a great weekend, everyone. See you Monday.

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