Call for Story Prompts #1

OK, so it as been far too long since I posted a story on this site. So who’s up for some new fiction? Say around 1,000 words (unless the story demands to be longer)?

Here’s the deal: every now and then, I’ll post a “Call for Story Prompts” on the Journal and Story pages. Post a comment. I’m looking for only a couple words: a noun, a phrase, a verb. The simpler the better. Then I’ll write a story (maybe a couple, if I get enough comments). I’ll shop it/them around. If I get an offer to publish, I will post the link to the story here. If it doesn’t get picked up, I’ll post it online where it can be viewed by all. Either way, I’ll also find a way to thank the commenter (a blurb in the author info section, naming a character after the commenter, etc.).

Sound like fun? Good. Leave a comment. If not, well, it’s back to crawling around in my head for ideas.

6 thoughts on “Call for Story Prompts #1

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