Update: “Undeclared Drone Wars” and “Secret Drone Bases”

This is a quick update to my post yesterday about the potential for fully automated drones and the consequences of such a development.

Today, the Washington Post has an article that is getting quite a lot of buzz. The article is about the U.S. building a global network of drone bases and the potential for “undeclared drone wars.”

Give the article a read. Then go back and re-read my post. The consequences of automated drones capable of independently deciding whether to target an enemy becomes far more complex when you consider that these drones could be operating over a far larger slice of the globe. The article talks about anti-piracy. Who or what could also be targeted next? What happens when Al Qaeda fades away but the bases remain? What happens when the drones can fly further, for longer periods of time, and can carry better sensors and weapons?

I can’t wait to see what the Washington Post prints tomorrow.

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