Grab Bag of Miscellany

First off, let me thank everyone who saw my comment on Bruce Schneir’s blog and checked out my site. I hope you liked what you found, and I hope you keep coming back.

Second, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that my work project continues, and it’s keeping me super busy. So, the posting will be light. The good news is that the project has a deadline of tomorrow evening, so normal scheduling should return on Friday (and if you dislike my posts, I guess I have only bad news for you, but thanks for visiting anyway).

Third, because I hate to send you away with nothing, I have some goodies for you. As I wrote about yesterday, Asimov was a great writer not only because he was able to think creatively about technology, but also because his writing displayed his empathy. It seems like I may have been on to something because renowned author Ben Bova also wrote something similar about his own writing on the Clarion Foundation’s blog (yes, it posted yesterday, but I swear I didn’t read it until this morning).

And just in case Ben Bova isn’t enough, to tide you over during my long absence, I also point you toward this: a biography of Philip K. Dick on It’s long enough that you may just finish it by the time I get back. Enjoy.

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