Another Busy Day…

It’s another busy day here, as I wrap up one thing and prepare to start something else, so I’ve prepared a little pop quiz instead of my usual witty remarks. Everyone likes pop quizzes, right?

Question: Which of the following options is the best?

Option A: Comics started by a father, dropped into his son’s lunchbox, and finished by his son while at school (thanks to for finding this).

Option B: a story in Variety that LEGO has licensed the new Hobbit movies.

Option C: a collection of videos and memories of the recently-departed Christopher Hitchens, as collected by his friend, Andrew Sullivan (unsurprisingly, some NSFW language in some of the video clips).

Option D: a collection of the snowmen comics from Calvin and Hobbes.

Option E: They are all awesome.

Remember to show your work.

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