It’s Snowing!

I know many people have already had their first snow of 2012, but for the folks in northern Virginia (like me), this is our first real, prolonged snow. I guess winter is finally here. I’m glad Santa brought me some slippers.

Snow in 2012

You’ll have to trust me, but in the middle of those trees in the middle of the photo is the Iwo Jima Memorial–its a little blurry, but the Memorial is there. Off to the right, you can see the Netherlands Carillon. If it weren’t so hazy and snowy, you might even be able to see the Pentagon. But then, I probably wouldn’t show you that photo (see below). Well, maybe I would, if it’s a pretty day or the sunrise is particularly striking.

And if you’re wondering, no, the snow doesn’t seem to be sticking. So I’m sure there will be school and work tomorrow. As for traffic, well, if you aren’t from DC, let me fill you in–unless it’s an absolutely perfect day, the traffic around here sucks. So the mere sight of snow will make it extra sucky. But I’m sure Scotch will have a great walk tonight, now that the snow has covered up all the smells.

And no, this is not an invitation to use Google Maps to find out where I live. Please don’t. Don’t do anything stalky, ok? Just enjoy the winter wonderland that is my view.

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