I Saw the Future Today

As Jerry Seinfeld informed us, when men reach a certain age, they cease to buy new clothing. They become walking time capsules. Well, today I saw a horrifying glimpse into the future. Three words: old man hipster. That’s right, skinny jeans, canvas jacket, t-shirt, scarf….and silver hair. It was not pretty, folks. Hipsters, I beg of you, when you get older, do not wear hipster clothing. Wear old man clothes. You can claim you’re doing it ironically. Just don’t wear hipster clothes. It’s weird. The world thanks you.

2 thoughts on “I Saw the Future Today

  1. Since the first rule of hipsterdom is to not identify as a hipster, I’m afraid your message won’t resonate. I think ageing hipsters have got to be uncomfortable with all of that saggy skin pushed into utilitarian fabrics.

    1. OK, if anyone has ever called you a hipster, don’t continue to wear your current outfit when you’re old. Fair enough?

      Just because you can’t admit you have a hipster problem doesn’t mean you aren’t a hipster.

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