What’s With All These Procrastinators? Who Are These People?

Yesterday, Lifehacker had a great post on the Seinfeld method to stop procrastination. Also called the “Don’t Break the Chain” method, it’s a way to focus on three or four goals and get them done, a little bit at a time.

By taking little steps each day, you minimize resistance. I only need to write one page! I only need to work out for 15 minutes! I only need to do one chore a day! When you minimize resistance, you act. And when you act every day, well, you’ve built up a habit. And that calendar keeps you accountable to the habit. Then, instead of procrastinating and resisting the work, you start to resist breaking the habit. It’s a simple trick, but I expect it to be fairly effective. I’ll let you know. Today I forged the first links in my chains (yes, that’s a ASOIAF reference).

What do you think of Seinfeld’s productivity trick? Do you use it? Do you think another option is better?

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