J.J. Abrams’s TED Talk

It’s Friday, so I guess it’s movie day on this site. Here is J.J. Abrams’s TED talk. It’s a great talk for storytellers because it stresses not only the importance of mystery and curiosity but also the human element of a story.

Abrams talks about mystery and curiosity, and how they are crucial for propelling a story forward. It’s that question we’ve all had as kids when confronted by good storytelling: “What happens next?” It keeps you tuning in, turning the page. Although that may help you drive your plot forward, Abrams also stresses the importance of characters. Without compelling characters, your mystery will fall flat.

Anyway, it’s another short video. Go grab a cup of coffee and check it out. I think you’ll like it, and it might get you to take a second look at that rough draft you have lying around.

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