Nerdist Industries Grows

I’m a big fan of Chris Hardwick, AKA @nerdist. You may recognize him as the host of AMC’s “Talking Dead,” his website, his podcast (one of many on the Nerdist website) now touring around the U.S., or his book The Nerdist Way. Of if you’re a certain age, you might remember him hosting MTV’s Singled Out with Jenny McCarthy. Or if you’re my younger sister, you may remember him from his cameo on Boy Meets Word.

But, if you weren’t at Wondercon last Friday, or you just missed the announcement, Nerdist Industries is expanding. Click here to see the announcement. That’s right, a Nerdist YouTube channel. Because who watches TV on a TV any more? Now you can see programming that includes Neil deGrasse Tyson, Neil Patrick Harris, Weird Al Yankovic, and tons more. So go subscribe and enjoy the nerdy goodness.

(Not a commercial, just being a fan and sharing good things with my friends)

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