Werewolves in Real Life?

Okay, I’ll admit, I don’t know exactly how real this list of “10 Real Life Werewolves” is (probably not at all), but it does present some interesting accounts. Take a moment to read through them–my favorite is #2.

The accounts are morbidly fascinating, much like the trials and executions of supposed witches. But they do raise a lot of questions. For example, I have no idea why people would confess to being a werewolf, other than insanity or a confession procured through torture (see the werewolves in #10 and #3). Although it took place in 1640, was #9 the inspiration for The Monster Squad movie? In #6, wouldn’t a few incisions have proved/disproved whether that maniac was a reverse-werewolf? Did you really need to remove his limbs? And the guy in #1 is just an idiot. Who would brag about being a werewolf and murdering children? Anyway, on to the werewolf of #2.

Assuming the trials of werewolves were legal farces cloaked in religion, it was interesting to see someone accused of being a werewolf turn the trial upside down by claiming werewolves fought on the side of God, descending into hell to battle witches and protect the village. I would have loved to have seen the magistrates’ reaction to his claims. Under what law, holy or civil, did they determine what was worse–werewolves or witches? Even better, were the magistrates afraid that if they executed this man, the witches would win and harm the village? So much fun stuff to explore in this example.

But the biggest irony of all? “Finally the judges, probably out of desperation, sentenced Thiess to ten lashes for acts of idolatry and superstitious beliefs.” The magistrates had burned witches and werewolves for being agents of the Devil, but it’s this guy who’s accused of idolatry and superstitious beliefs? Hilarious.

Anyway, check out the stories for yourself. And pay attention to the artwork. It’s great. Just don’t read it last thing before you go to bed. I did, and Cerberus made an appearance in my dreams. Just a warning.

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