New Dark Knight Rises Trailer

I know, I know, this isn’t a movie trailer site, but the two movies I’m most looking forward to this summer are “Prometheus” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” (sorry, “Avengers”). Anyway, here’s the latest trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises”:

So here are some interesting things about the trailer. First, Bane’s voice is now much cleaner and understandable–the clean-up had a good effect. Second, the Batman voice is still present, if not worse. Third, you get to see more Catwoman. Fourth, you get a great impression of just how terrifying Bane is as a villain. It looks like Batman and Gotham are about to get wrecked. I can’t wait. What do you think? Post a comment below.

Also, POTENTIAL SPOILER there’s a theory going around about who Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play (heck, there’s probably a dozen theories). Just so it’s not ruined here, go to this link for a potential theory that I really like. END POTENTIAL SPOILER.

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