Entertainment Fiction and Edgar Rice Burroughs

Recently, I posted an article that maybe sci-fi and fantasy should be lighter and more optimistic. Looks like Edgar Rice Burroughs (perhaps best known for creating Tarzan and John Carter) had the same idea–back in 1930.

Definitely give the Burroughs article a read. He gives some great advice for a writer who is interested in, as he put it, entertainment fiction. Not lighter or moe optimistic genre fiction, but entertainment. That’s what Burroughs stresses. A writer should help his or her readers have fun.

What else should a writer do if he or she wants to write entertainment fiction? Experience much and read much. He suggests that a writer should not seek out publicity. Ok, that one is not good advice, but Twitter and Facebook weren’t around in 1930, so maybe skip that part and get back to writing entertainment fiction, right?

Seems like good advice from a man whose works are still inspiring all sorts of entertainment. Anyway, I’m off for a weekend in Chicago with my soon to be brother in law. We’ll be having a weekend full of entertainment before he marries my sister later this month. So go read what Burroughs has to say, and then have a great weekend. Go out and experience much.

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