Get to Know YA Author Heather Demetrios

For a long time, Heather did not actually exist as far as I was concerned. She is the friend of my sister, Jamie, so I had only heard about Heather through conversations, e-mails, and Facebook. But, as a good wedding should, I finally get to meet people like Heather, and I can now confirm she does, in fact, exist.

Heather is a very talented YA writer, manager of a theater company, and all-around creative that you should get to know too. In case you think I’m introducing you to a random friend. Let me give you some of her writer credentials. Heather just got a two-book deal with Henry Holt (a MacMillan imprint)–how’s that for a great way to kick off your weekend? She also won the 14th Annual Susan P. Bloom Children’s Book Discovery Award for her book STREAMING (one of the two books in that deal). So it’s safe to say that Heather’s YA career is really taking off. But for now, check out her blog or follow her on Twitter.

And even if you claim YA isn’t your thing (What are you, a snob? C’mon, it’s the summer. Try out some YA while you’re on the beach. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ve been missing.), definitely give her blog a read. There are some great posts about the writing process and fueling your imagination. Check out the blog today for your #FridayReads. Then subscribe to it, and add it to your RSS feed.

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