Trailers for Everyone!

First, for the kids, here’s a trailer for Pixar’s “Monsters Inc.” prequel, “Monsters University”:

It looks cute, and let’s be honest: it’s Pixar, so it will probably be great. But as an extra bonus, go here. You’ll see four trailers for “Monsters University,” in which Mike says 4 different things in his sleep. You can vote on which one is funniest.

Second, for the adults, here’s a trailer for “Dredd”:

I was a bit nervous about Karl Urban (AKA Bones in “Star Trek” and Eomer in the LOTR trilogy) as Judge Dredd, but I’m coming around. I also like Lena Headey–she’s certainly shown she’s good at playing a villain in HBO’s Game of Thrones series. Looks like it could be a fun movie.

What do you think? Excited about one, both, none?

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