Worldbuilding–A New Way to Think About It

So I’m not only working on my novel, but also a short story that I need to submit by Friday, so here are some fun things for you to read. First, Litreactor has a great article on worldbuilding. I found this article because it showed a spectrum of worldbuilding, from detailed architects like Tolkien, to shoot-from-the-hip gunslingers like M. John Harrison, to middle-of-the-road gardeners like George R.R. Martin.

As an outliner, I love worldbuilding. And I can get carried away with it–it’s an excellent procrastination tool if you want to delay starting your actual writing. But this article was interesting because it got me thinking–maybe worldbuilding is not as necessary as I thought. Maybe I should focus on some things–like a magical system or a government structure–but other things can slide. Food for thought. And while you’re thinking, check out some fiction by the Gardener-in-Chief, George R.R. Martin: “The Way of Cross and Dragon”, first published in 1979 and put up again in the latest Lightspeed. Enjoy.

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