Sneak Peak at my Next Article

I’m getting close to my deadline for my next article as well as a submission deadline for my writing group, so I’m a little busy today. However, I will give you a sneak peak of that article–kinda. I won’t spill all the beans, but a good part of the article is talking about how and why fantasy is particularly well-suited to telling uncomfortable truths to readers.

That’s why I was glad to come across E.C. Ambrose’s (blog, Twitter) guest post on Jim C. Hines’s blog about disguising your soap box. I don’t think there is anything wrong about wanting to address complex issues in fiction, even if they are morally-charged, highly political, or controversial. If you are excited about the tell it. But do it right–focus on execution (which is good advice for writing in general, but anyway). Ambrose provides some great tips to express that message without turning off your readers or appearing too preachy. Enjoy.

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