Blog Linked to on Reddit. Life Achievement Unlocked.

A few days ago, I mentioned that I got retweeted by @MythicScribes, and it created a huge uptick in readers. It turns out that I should have also mentioned another awesome site, Reddit. It looks like Redditor greybeard88 also posted a link to the same page. Redditors being redditors, they flocked to the site.

Sadly, I didn’t realize it until today when I was looking at Google Analytics figures that I was getting traffic from Reddit. So I missed out when it first happened. Oh well, still very cool in my book.

Yes, I realize I’m bragging, and I’m sorry. I’m just happy that I produced something people wanted to read. Hopefully I can keep doing that, and this will be the first of many times I see these big spikes–not only on this site, but also the other places I write, like Fantasy-Faction. Okay, I’ll stop bragging and plugging. Back to your regularly scheduled posts.

2 thoughts on “Blog Linked to on Reddit. Life Achievement Unlocked.

  1. My open letter to Dan Aykroyd to walk away from Ghostbusters 3 bounced around Reddit for a while. it’s a cool feeling, worthy of a bit of bragging.

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