Who’s Ready for New Doctor Who?

At first, the BBC teased us with a photo:

Doctor Who Teaser

Wow, look at that. We know it will be the Ponds’ final season, but is that a dead Amy or just an incapacitated Amy? And has the Doctor been bloodied? By whom? Why are there so many Daleks?

It’s a beautiful picture, quite striking, and it raises a ton of questions. But that was just a tease. Because then the BBC released a trailer:

Holy moly does that look good. Shootout at the cyborg corral? Dinosaurs on spaceships? Heck, let’s ride a triceratops! More weeping angels! River’s back! Do the Daleks get the better of the Doctor? And what will happen to Amy and Arthur? It looks like quite the epic season–are the Ponds leaving with a bang? A spectacular send off? Oh, I can’t wait. What do you think?

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