Sorry for the Late Post; On Vacation

Sorry for the super, super late post, everyone. But I’m on vacation this week. I’m relaxing with my wife’s family down in Williamsburg, VA. Today we went to Busch Gardens, and while the rides were great, the real star of the day was Erin, my 6-week old niece. Here she is with my wife, Laura. I apologize for the blurriness (she was rocking Erin), and please note that her hands don’t really look this mannish (it almost looks like a fake arm inserted in the photo, right?)

Laura & Erin

Erin was a trooper. She had a great time at the amusement park. The funniest thing is that she loved the loud, fast rides. She was obsessed–staring at the roller coasters, and whipping her head around as they passed nearby. When we took her on tamer rides, like the carousel, she slept through it. Here she is with my wife’s twin sister (and Erin’s Mom), Maureen, and my mother-in-law, Mary.

Erin & Carousel

My guess is she’s a future astronaut or stunt woman. We’ll see in 20 years. Oh, and as far as the rest of this week, I’ll try to maintain my posting rate, but things might be later than normal. Then again, I already know what I’m going to post tomorrow. So stay tuned.

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