Curious About A MEMORY OF LIGHT? Listen to a Sample of the Audiobook.

So my review of A MEMORY OF LIGHT convinced you to read it, but you are reluctant to carry around a 900+ page hardback book. That’s understandable, I suppose. But the e-book won’t be out until April. So what are you going to do? You don’t want to miss out on The Last Battle, do you? Sit on the sidelines of Tarmon Gai’don? Never!

Well, there is another option. You can listen to the audiobook, of course. And thanks to the good people at Macmillan, I’m proud to share a clip with you.

That’s a snippet from the prologue, as read by Michael Kramer. You’ll also hear Kate Reading on audio version, and if you’re in the DC/Baltimore area on February 18, you can meet them, as well as Brandon Sanderson and Harriet McDougal at Books-A-Million. I hope to see you there. And I hope you don’t miss a chance to read or listen to A MEMORY OF LIGHT.

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