Chuck Wendig Breaks It Down

Have you heard of Chuck Wendig (Twitter)? He’s a novelist, screenwriter, and game designer. His latest novels are BLACKBIRDS and MOCKINGBIRD. He’s also great at offering writing advice. Like many pieces of advice from Wendig, that link contains NSFW language.

But Wendig’s advice is always refreshingly BS-free, even if the word itself might appear in the advice. He’s like the boss/mentor/friend who gives you the straight truth, even if it goes down like medicine. And I tend to believe what he says because he makes his living as a professional writer.

You see, he treats it like a job. Sure, he enjoys it, but make no mistake, it’s work. And because it’s “just business,” he approaches it with the cold-hearted, rational self-interest all artists need to do at least every now and then. So if you’re not already, be sure to check in with Wendig every now and then. Eat your f*cking vegetables; they’re good for you.

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