My Weekend and Monday

Thankfully, DC was far enough south that we did not get any of the snow from Nemo. Instead it was just cold and windy. So Laura and I didn’t too much. Yesterday we had tickets to see Zero Dark Thirty, but we had to bail. That was probably our third attempt to see the movie. We seem cursed.

We had to return our tickets because it took too long to finish the first few steps of making our own beer (using the Bruxelles Blonde kit from Brooklyn Brewshop). Ah well. In about a month, we (hopefully) will have some tasty beer–just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Anyway, I also realized that THE DAYLIGHT WAR by Peter V. Brett comes out tomorrow. That’s the good news. The bad news? I’m only 46% through my ARC. I guess I have some reading to do. On top of the short story I want to start writing today. Oh, what terrible problems I have.

Hope your week is starting off just as well.

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