Long Reads Friday

For many of us, this is a three-day weekend. So if you don’t already have a book or three to read, here are a few articles to keep you entertained, now that we have no football any more, baseball and March Madness haven’t started, and there are only so many hockey games.

The first is a novelette released by author Mary Robinette Kowal on her 44th birthday. It’s part of an anthology wherein authors took the first line of a famous story and used it to springboard into a new story. She used the first line from THE WIZARD OF OZ, “Dorothy lived in the midst of the great Kansas prairies, with Uncle Henry, who was a farmer, and Aunt Em, who was the farmer’s wife.”

The second is an an article from GQ describing the exploits of fugitive George Wright. Here’s how GQ describes the story

George Wright, America’s most elusive fugitive, ran for forty years. He ran from the cops after escaping from prison. He ran from the feds after the most brazen hijacking in history. He ran from the authorities on three continents, hiding out and blending in wherever he went. It was a historic run—and now that it’s over, he might just pull off the greatest escape of all.

The third is a article from Grantland about Dan Harmon and his post-Community life as a comedian, writer, and semi-pro drinker.

The fourth and final article is a manifesto by author Damien Walter about the importance of art and creation.

Enjoy the reads, everyone. And if you get Monday off, enjoy the long weekend.

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