My Entry in Wendig’s February Flash Fiction Challenge

Over on my Stories page, you’ll see a new entry, “Famous in the Lab.” It’s my entry in Chuck Wendig’s February Flash Fiction Challenge.

The prompt was

I want you to grab an event from your life. Then I want you to write about it through a fictional, genre interpretation — changing the event from your life to suit the story you’re telling. So, maybe you write about your first hunting trip between father-and-son, but you reinterpret that as a king taking his youngest out to hunt dragons. Or, you take events from your Prom (“I caught my boyfriend cheating on me in the science lab”) and spin it so that the event happens at the same time a slasher killer is making literal mincemeat of the Prom King and Queen.

When I was in the seventh grade, I had spinal meningitis. Part of the testing for that required I undergo a spinal tap. That was the inspiration for my story. I hope you enjoy it.

P.S., I’m having some technical difficulties, so the story probably popped up on the Journal page too. I’m trying to fix it. Ignore it for now if it bothers you.

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