Allie Brosh is Back!

Some of you might not know about Allie Brosh. She is the person behind the very funny, moving, and personal webcomic Hyperbole and a Half. Still not ringing any bells? How about this image?

All the things!

Just about everyone has seen/used the “all the things” meme at this point, right? Well, she invented it. She also has a lot of other great comics about her dog, the grammatical error “alot,” and growing up.

Well, about two years ago, Allie announced that she got a book deal, but then a year went by with nary a peep until this post about depression. Then another year of silence. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who feared the worst. But thankfully that did not pass.

You see, Allie is back. She posted another piece on depression, and even better, her book comes out in October!

So that gives those unfamiliar with her work time to catch up. For those who have loved her comics for a while now, well, spread the word. Get the pre-orders up.

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