Clarion West Write-a-Thon

Not too long ago, I wrote about applying to and not getting selected for Clarion West. Although the rejection stung, I’m not down and out. If anything, it stoked the fires a bit. Someday I’ll show them, and all that.

Anyway, while a lucky few students attend Clarion West from June 23 through August 2, many more people will be participating in the Clarion West Write-a-Thon, including yours truly.

If you visit my Participant Page, you’ll see my goals–both writing and fundraising. I’ve also posted a potential reward to whoever is the most generous donor.

Aside: I only signed up this morning, so there might be a delay before my page is approved and available for viewing.

Think of the Write-a-Thon as a sort of walk-a-thon. Participants pledge to do certain thing, and donors can donate money on a per-week basis or in flat amounts. The money goes toward scholarships so that those in need can attend Clarion West. Clarion West is one of the premiere training programs for rising writers. For many participants, six-weeks is a long time to step away from work and their families. Scholarships are the only way that it can work for them.

Obviously, I think this a great cause, and I hope you will support me. I’ll keep checking in to keep you posted on my progress. If you can, please donate.

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