On Holiday

So, for those readers who are not in America, tomorrow is Independence Day. This means it’s a day for doing super American things like sleeping in, eating too much, drinking too much, and blowing stuff up. Accordingly, I’ve turned off my alarm, I’m found one last bottle of home-brewed beer, and I just finished trimming and rubbing five pounds of Boston Butt that will be transformed into a delicious pulled pork by tomorrow evening.* And assuming the weather cooperates, my wife and I will enjoy a lovely fireworks show over the National Mall.

One thing I won’t be doing tomorrow is blogging. So sorry. Too busy reading, celebrating freedom, and all that jazz. If you are in America, enjoy the festivities. If you are outside America, enjoy the relative quiet on the internet.

*If you are curious, I’m using the “Beginners Pulled Pork” recipe from the America’s Test Kitchen SLOW COOKER REVOLUTION cookbook.

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