Consistency and “Impostor Syndrome”

Sorry for the late post today. It was mega errand day, medical exams for me and picking up meds for my dog. And then there were the various odds and ends. Anyway, enough about my boring day. Back to the good stuff.

First, Mur Lafferty (Twitter) put out another episode of her “I Should Be Writing” podcast talking about the Magic Spreadsheet. This is a great tool that I use, and I’m a big fan of it. It keeps you writing a small (and doable!) number of words–250–every day. And really, getting a little bit done every day–EVERY DAY–is the key (for me at least) of being, and staying, productive. A little bit each day can lead to big gains.

The bad news is that so too are many others, so the spreadsheet is almost at max capacity. But the good news is that the creator is working on a website that can take on more users (and you can port over your existing totals to the new website. Stay tuned. It is being alpha tested now.

Second, here’s a great article on overcoming “Impostor Syndrome.” When I switched to freelance writing and editing, this is something I definitely struggled with, and to some extent am still struggling with. It’s that idea that people will one day storm into your office and say, “You are a fraud. You don’t know anything! Get the hell out of here!” Check out this article for some great tips on beating it.

All right, that’s all for now. Go enjoy the rest of your day.

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