A New Day?

First off, I want to thank Myke Cole (Twitter) and Mur Lafferty (Twitter) for tweeting and re-tweeting links to yesterday’s post. As a consequence, it received a lot of views, and that’s always a great thing–to write something that people feel is worth reading. Myke and Mur have already given me so much great advice, and yet they continue to give. They are great people who write great books. Please go out and buy them as a thank you. And don’t forget to read their blog and follow them on Twitter.

Second, while some are giving, others are giving away. As I’m sure you are aware, the U.S. Government has shut down–hopefully for only a short time. Although many people will be affected, more immediate and personal consequences of the shut down have taken up a lot of my attention. One, my wife has been furloughed. Two, as much as I love the freelancing life (and I intend to maintain as many of my freelancing projects as any new job would allow), for a number of reasons, I have been looking for work in the public sector recently. Well, time to refocus on private sector opportunities I suppose. By the way, if you hear of anything (I’m looking at writing, editing, and legal positions), please let me know–public or private.

But, as stressful as this news is, as per yesterday’s post, I’m working on getting my mind right. So, I will continue to write and read. Heck, maybe the stress will spark an idea for a story.

Anyway, bad things happen. Time to adapt, move forward, and do the best I can. For those who are also affected by the shut down, best of luck. I hope an agreement can be found soon. And I really hope Congress authorizes back pay.

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