New Year’s Resolutions Check-Up

In December, I worte a post outlining my New Year’s Resolutions. Well, we’re a month into 2014, so how am I doing? Let’s go down the list.


I want to sleep more, but I’ve been streaky on that front. Some weeks yes, some weeks no. But I think I have hit upon a few tips: 1) taking the dog out earlier and 2) no more “just five minutes more” of working, reading, TV-watching, or (most likely) internet surfing. Just go to bed. I’ve been working out more regularly–lifting weights that is, but not so much with the sprints. Or any sort of running for that matter. However, I’ve started doing yoga, which has been interesting. I’m awkward and clumsy, so I’m not the most elegant, I do enjoy focusing on breathing, improving posture, stretching, and working on flexibility.


So far I’m slightly ahead of the curve on my #100ShortStories in 2014. I’ve completed 10 stories. You can track my progress on twitter if you’re curious, or looking for ideas.

I’m also reading more actively. As this is a new habit, it has dramatically slowed down my reading pace, but I have become better at picking apart a book while I’m reading it. I’m not completely behind the magician’s curtain just yet, but that curtain is becoming more transparent with each attempt. I also enjoy this new way of reading because it’s an interesting way to practice mindfulness. I have to stay present and active while reading, instead of slipping into a passive, relaxed way.

As for my writing, I’m a bit behind on that resolution. I have a spreadsheet that compares how much I wrote and how much I should have written, day by day. I started to fall behind about mid-January, and as I fell further behind, I started to spiral into writing nothing at all. So I’ve decided to reformat a little. No more comparisons. Just write.

I also looked back at what I had written an realized that I want to write quality, not quantity. I wrote just over 16,000 words in January. But that was a focus on quantity, so I don’t know how much of that is worth salvaging. So I changed my priorities. I stopped feeling guilty and started doing research for a new story. I started looking into history and people I could build my world and characters around, confident that once things get settled, the writing totals will improve.

I haven’t been to any museums yet, but I have changed up my dog-walking routes, so it’s a start. Frankly, the weather has been crap here, so I’m holding off on the hiking until it warms up a bit.

Duolinguo is on track, and I continue to look for new professional opportunities–either new freelancing work or (where I’m focusing, to be honest) finding full-time employment (as a writer, editor, or lawyer).

How are your resolutions looking? Still working on them, or have they been abandoned?

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