Genre Stuff Coming to TV?

Although at one point HBO held the rights to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, it appears that option ended. So Tom Hank’s Playtone won’t be adapting it, unfortunately. But, an exec jumped from Playtone to Freemantle Media and then snatched up the rights. So, it looks like we may see an American Gods TV show after all. Or, at least the chances of seeing it have gone up.

Additionally, another Neil Gaiman work related to American Gods–Ananzi Boys–is being turned into a miniseries by BBC.

And finally, the Vertigo comic Preacher is coming to AMC. Seth Rogen and his writing partner, Evan Goldberg, have signed on, as has Breaking Bad producer Sam Catlin. I’m very curious to see how and to what extent this translates to TV. It’s from the 80s, it’s violent, it’s graphic, and it’s blasphemous to some. How far will they go? Will they update it for modern times?

What do you think? Excited about all of these? None? Some?

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