A Whole Week?

How has it been a week without a post? Sorry about that. I mean, it’s not like I’ve been getting drunk and riding a pig or anything.

drunk pig rider

It’s just been working, looking for more work, writing, reading, and going to the gym. The usual. Well, I take that back. There has been one unusual thing and one completely new thing.

The unusual thing? Brewing beer.

Bottled Beer

This is the second batch I’ve made. Laura and I put it in bottles last night, so now we have to wait two weeks to enjoy–in other words, just past St. Patrick’s Day. Oh well. It should still be delicious.

And the completely new thing? Gardening.

Seed bed

Whatever the opposite of a green thumb is, Laura and I have it. But, we’ve somehow managed to keep ourselves alive for years, as well as a dog, so we’ve started with a few low-maintenance house plants and a some herbs and veggies. If we can’t keep what are essentially weeds alive, there is no hope for us.

Anyway, that’s about it for me. Sorry for the radio silence.

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