A Busy Week

A lot happened this week: some bad news and some good news. The bad news from this week is that after a long illness, Nobel-Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died. If you haven’t read ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE, LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA, or any of his other novels, short stories, or other works, it’s definitely time to change that. A bit of good news is that James S.A. Corey’s LEVIATHAN WAKES was picked up by the SyFy Network. This is a great book and a great series, so I hope it gets the cast, crew, and budget it deserves. You know, something better than Sharknado.

And as far as my life, it’s been busy as well. I’ve been working on assignments all week while also preparing for family to visit for Easter (Laura and I are hosting again this year). On top of that, I also have an interview for a new job on Tuesday that I’m really excited about, so I’ve been preparing.

Sadly, it’s my creative life that hasn’t been busy this week. I’ve been reading, but not writing. And that lack has almost become an itch, like I’m going through withdrawal. But, as much as my I want to be writing, I feel like my well is dry. My new story idea is turing out to be, well, blah. and I’m not thinking of other ideas.

Time to refill the well, I suppose. Maybe while family is in town, I can do some new things, talk about new ideas, and spark some new ideas. And next week, maybe I can go to a museum or something. Time for a bit of change, I think.

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