Because Sometimes the Internet is a Terrible Place

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. This week is super busy between a ton of football games I have to officiate and writing deadlines I have to meet. But anyway, here we go.

If you haven’t already seen Emma Watson’s speech before the UN in which she talks about gender equality and announces the “HeForShe” initiative, which calls upon men to advocate on behalf of women’s rights, here it is (it’s about 14 minutes long, but worth your time):

Of course, the internet being what it is, some trolls have poked their heads out from under their bridges to threaten Watson. I could rant and rave and shake my fist, but why bother? The last thing I should do is give trolls what they want–attention. Although this negative response has got most of the media’s attention, I’d rather focus on more positive responses, like that of Phil Plait. In the long run, it’s responses like this that will have more impact. It’s just a shame they don’t get more coverage.

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