Forget Finding the Time. Find the Motivation

Time for a very cliche bit of writerly whining, so feel free to keep reading, nodding your head all the way, or you can just wait until my next blog post.

So as I mentioned recently, I started a new job in December, and since then, I’ve been trying different ways to rebalance my schedule. But answer to the question of “where can I find the time to write?” is easy. I get 30 mins for lunch, and I have my evenings. It’s not a ton of time, but it’s enough. It adds up. I just need to fill that time writing.

But what I’ve been more surprised with is the fact hat my job is writing and editing. I spend all day doing this. Even better, I get to write and edit pieces about material that I find interesting. So it’s a pleasure to do this job. The problem becomes that when I’m off the clock, I find it hard to keep writing and editing. It’s so much easier to read, watch TV, or just hang out with my wife or friends.

Like all writerly whining, I think the answer might just be to get mind my right so I can get back to work. I need to make sure my stories are as exciting and compelling as possible so that writing them is a pleasure and not a chore. And maybe I should make time for crazier experiments–those really weird stories that are perhaps indulgent, but they make me smile. If nothing else, it will help me maintain a daily writing habit and positive attitude.

And speaking of indulgent, I should probably wrap up this whining. Good night, everybody.

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