Tonight’s Lullabies 2/26/18

Sometimes, when I finish reading a book to Anna before her bottle is ready, I will pull up YouTube, and we’ll watch a video of a song I know she likes. (Don’t @ me with your limited screentime. Save it.) Anyway, even if it’s a song she loves, the moment Laura comes in with the bottle, Anna is done with video time. But not tonight.

Because tonight I put on Sia’s black light performance of “Buttons,” and Anna LOVED IT. She laughed, she clapped, she even danced like Sia. Laura could have driven a truck of bottles into Anna’s bedroom, and Anna would not have noticed. I highly recommend watching the video below. It’s great. It was a favorite of mine during finals week, so I’m glad to see Anna likes it too.

The Playlist

Sia, “Buttons”

Travis, “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?”

Santigold, “Lights Out”

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