Tonight’s Lullabies 4/20/18

I expect Anna to be over 5′ tall tomorrow the way she’s been eating. Last night, she ate her dinner and today’s lunch. Today, she ate two breakfasts and every scrap of food we sent with her (normally some comes home with some of the food we send). We made her some mac and cheese for dinner, but she didn’t want it. We figured she was just full. Nope. She wanted the fancy mac and cheese Laura and I were eating (orzo cooked like a risotto—orzotto?).

When it came time to put her down for the night, I guess all the food caught up with her. Laura came in with a bottle while I still had a couple of pages left, but Anna didn’t care. She wanted to go to bed, so she started saying, “The end. The end. The end.” But I persevered, and she started drinking. But after only about two-thirds of the bottle, she pushed it away, rolled over, and basically started to fall asleep in my arms. I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She sat on the counter, eyes barely open, barely able to keep herself upright. That’s when the Talking Heads came on. Her eyes flew open, she sat up straight, smiled ear to ear, and started rocking her head left and right to the song.

A burgeoning foodie and a Talking Heads fan? I’m so proud.

The Playlist

The Lumineers, “Cleopatra (Acoustic Demo)”

Talking Heads, “Take Me to the River”

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