We moved!

Wow, it has been a really, really long time since I posted. But I’m back and here to explain. You see, as soon as we put Anna down for the night, I didn’t have time to post. We were too busy selling our old place and buying a new one. Every night, I’d box up stuff, take it to storage, talk to the realtor, and fill out an endless ream of paperwork.

And just when we had everything ready, we planned to get away for the weekend to let the realtor do her thing. But within an hour of listing our old place, we had an all cash, no contingency offer. Great right? Well, not if you don’t have a new place lined up. So instead of spending our weekend getaway relaxing, we spent it looking at houses online. We had to act fast. Or we would have to move twice.

I kept circling back to one place we had toured just before listing our old place. I wanted to look at it again in person. That’s when I saw the update: it was under contract. But, miracle of miracles, the contract had a kick out clause, and we put in a better offer. And that’s how we sold and bought some real estate in under a month.

New house front door

So now we have way more room, a backyard, a basement, a garden, and the great schools for Anna. At night, I can see fireflies, and in the morning, I can hear birds singing. It’s the full suburban package. And so we get to spend the next couple of decades making this house a home (including fixing up the poor, abandoned plants at our front door).

And now that we’ve got the house wired, we can return to our regular programming.

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