The Big Reveal is Here–Introducing Christensen Communications LLC

After several hints, here’s the big reveal: I’m starting a freelance marketing business, Christensen Communications, LLC.

Although I’m leaving the law firm, I believe much of what I learned there will be put to good use in this new venture: quickly digesting large amounts of information, determining the most salient points, and communicating those ideas effectively to the target audience. Only now, those skills will be directed towards helping businesses, nonprofits, schools, and other organizations not only improve their image, but also increase revenue. Please check out the new site, and let me know what you think. You can comment below.

I’m sure this post won’t be the last marketing message, but don’t worry, I won’t use this site as a promotional platform. It will continue to be a place for me to write, comment, and publish.

But if your business (or a friend’s business) could use a freelance writer, I would be happy to talk to them and discuss how my services might be of help.

1 thought on “The Big Reveal is Here–Introducing Christensen Communications LLC

  1. Eric, this is wonderful and I am very proud of and excited for you. It is amazing to me to find that we have being a wordsmith in common, though your expertise and credentials far outweigh mine. Words are just fun! Trusting that you want real, honest, constructive feedback, I’ll just say this. The whole thing is just so black and white. I was surprised at the lack of color when I opened the site. Second, it would be good to actually see the mock advertisement brochures and see them in color. I know it could be an expensive endeavor to produce them, but it might be worth it. The last thing I’ll mention is that there is an incomplete sentence in the copy of the Hotel brochure: “Or famous restaurants such as Arnaud’s, Galatoire’s,
    Brenan’s, Antoine’s, or Café du Monde?” . The whole thing is a fabulous and insightful start. I am positive you are going to do very well in this. God bless, Aunt Lynn

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