The Wit and Wisdom of Calvin & Hobbes

I’m a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson’s wonderful comic that ended about 15 years ago. The comic was centered around Calvin, a precocious young boy, and Hobbes, a stuffed tiger and Calvin’s best friend, but many deeper issues were explored. Although the same could be said of the Peanuts strips, only Calvin & Hobbes had characters like Spaceman Spiff, a variety of colorful and shocking snowmen, and the game of Calvinball (a game with only one rule–no two games can be played under the same rules). I would encourage anyone to check out the collections of Calvin and Hobbes. But if you just want a teaser, here are a handful of quotes that will give you a sense of the humor, the depth, and the charm of Calvin and Hobbes.

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