John Scalzi’s Whatever Blog: A Primer

I am a fan of science fiction author/movie critic/Coke Zero addict John Scalzi, and his blog, Whatever. Its updated daily, usually multiple times, and covers a variety of topics, including writing, politics, and his pets. You know, a typical writer’s blog. However, unlike the blogs of most writers, John Scalzi has been keeping Whatever running for over a decade and it’s developed into quite a community. And I know such communities can be difficult to jump into, so where to begin?

Well, my first suggestion would be to read You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop to a Coffee Shop: Scalzi on Writing (reviewed here by me). It’s a collection of blog posts that are centered on writing tips and writing as a profession.

But if you don’t feel like getting the e-book, or if you want a wider sampling of what John Scalzi has posted on Whatever, I would go here. Think of it as a Whatever Greatest Blog Hits.

Then, so long as you’re not a total jerk when posting, you should be fine. Read, enjoy, join a conversation or two. And if you write, maybe you’ll get to do a “Big Idea” guest post when your novel comes out (assuming you get the official John Scalzi approval. My approval is worthless in this case).

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