Gangster Squad Trailer

Last night, I saw the trailer for Gangster Squad. It’s the story of LA cops going rogue to fight back after the East Coast mafia moves to town. Check it out:

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t blown away by the trailer. I think my expectations may have been too high given the cast and 1940s gangster milieu. But the more I thought about the cast (Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Giovanni Ribisi, Robert Patrick, and a very swollen Nick Nolte), the more I thought there might be something to this film. I mean, there are a lot of heavy hitters on that list that rarely don’t pick a good film. Then again, the director, Ruben Fleischer has only handled comedies like Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less (granted, they had action sequences), and the writer, Will Beall, has only written for the TV show Castle (so he knows law enforcement to some degree?). So, I have no idea. This could go either way, but hopefully future trailers will tip the scale one way or another.

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