BBQ, Beer, and Bathing Suits

So tomorrow my wife and I will attend our first BBQ of the summer. Even better? The hosts are getting BBQ shipped in from the Salt Lick, so there will be brisket, sausage, and ribs galore. On top of that, there will be beer and cocktails. In other words, a great time. But here’s the thing, two weeks after that, my wife and I will be at my sister’s wedding. And then there’s bathing suit season, and come September, I have to run a Tough Mudder. So how do I maintain my fitness while also enjoying all the beer and BBQ summer has to offer? I hit the gym of course. I lift weights, run, and swim. Need some fitness advice? If you read this site, you would probably enjoy Nerd Fitness.

Nerd Fitness is run by Steve Kamb, a young guy who loves Star Wars, video games, and fitness. He tries to combine all of these things while offering simple plans and commentary for his readers. He’s a big fan of trying new things, lifting heavy things, and eating the right things. But he also enjoys a cold beer on a hot day. Here’s a recent article to show you his style (and you can probably start putting it to use tonight): A Nerd’s Guide to Healthy Drinking.

So that brings me back full circle. How will I get ready for the wedding, the beach, and the Tough Mudder while also enjoying all the beer and BBQ summer has to offer? Simple. By also taking advantage of the great weather to run around, swim, and play outside. So have fun this summer, and look good doing it. And if you need helping finding the right ways to do so, turn to Nerd Fitness (not a commercial; just a fan).

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