RIP Ray Bradbury. It’s a Sad Day for Sci Fi Fans–Update

Today is a very sad day for sci fi fans because today a giant has fallen. As I first saw on, Ray Bradbury has died. The author of FAHRENHEIT 451, THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES, THE ILLUSTRATED MAN, and SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES (among others), Ray Bradbury was, and will forever be, a big name among sci fi fans.

Ray Bradbury was a gateway into sci fi when I was younger. I read many of his books, and I loved them. From there, I went on to read more and more, and even trying my hand at writing it. And in my adulthood, I was reintroduced to Ray Bradbury when I picked up a copy of his book ZEN IN THE ART OF WRITING.

That love of sci fi stories and his boyish zeal ran through the pages of that book. Bradbury’s love of writing is infectious. His book is one I regularly turn to when I start to feel down on my writing. He helps you find that love, that passion, that joy that creating art can produce. And when I go back and read some of his stories, I pick up on so many things that inspire me to get back to writing and work harder to make it better.

So, for his writing and his teaching, this fan will miss you, Mr. Bradbury. I don’t think I’m the only one. Feel free to post your thoughts below.

UPDATE No, Ray Bradbury hasn’t come back ot life. Instead, President Obama, who loves science fiction (duh, he’s a cool guy), released a statement on Ray Bradbury’s death.

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